6 Myths About William Shakespeare That You Wrongly Believe

6. Writing Was His Profession


By the turn of the 17th century, Shakespeare had started to make a name for himself in London for his writing and work around theatre, but back in his hometown of Stratford he was better known as an esteemed businessman.

Yes, he wrote plays and sonnets, but according to a number of late 16th century documents, Shakespeare€™'s profession during his time in London was actually acting. As an actor he performed in other people€™'s plays as part of groups such as the Chamberlain'€™s Men, as well taking small roles in his own work.

Shakespeare's first biographer, Nicholas Rowe, wrote about rumours that Shakespeare had once played the ghost in €˜Hamlet€™ himself. Other sources suggest he may have also played Adam in €˜As You Like it€™ and King Duncan in €˜Macbeth.€™ One man in his time plays many parts, it seems.


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