6 Reasons Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights 29 Is Amazing

Get ready, we have all the screams on this year's Halloween Horror Nights.

Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights 2019
Universal Orlando

Universal Orlando Resort's Halloween Horror Nights is the ultimate destination for those who love a good scream and this year marks the 29th anniversary of scaring the living daylights out of every guest who walks through the park gates.

With HHN29 being the biggest event that Universal has ever created anticipation was huge to see what those genius scare masters had come up with this time around. Luckily we went along to find out just how good HHN29 really is and we weren't disappointed!

Here's everything you need to know about Halloween Horror Nights 29...

6. Atmosphere

Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights 2019
What Culture

Once again Halloween Horror Nights 29 has an undeniably 80s vibe and it hits as soon as you walk through the gates. Attending this year certainly felt like a sequel to HHN28, which given how awesome last year was this isn't a bad thing at all.

The huge entrance arches have green pixels projected across them, electronic 80s style music rings out around you. With neon lights and arcade games, the scare zone Anarch-Cade nicely sets the atmosphere for HHN29. The Vanity Ball scare zone also plays into the 80's excess, where decadence is on full view.

HHN fans will be pleased to know the Horror Nights fog was turned up to Silent Hill levels, especially in Anarch-Cade. That famous HHN smell drifts throughout the whole park.

I actually preferred the atmosphere of this year. HHN29 feels more energised, with the music and lighting pumping you up to run and scream.

Welcome to the rave that is HHN29, it's a party you won't want to leave early.


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