6 Times Things Got Heated On The Joe Rogan Experience

Joe Rogan can talk to almost anyone, but it isn't always smooth sailing.


When Joe Rogan first sat in front of a webcam with fellow comedian Brian Redban back in 2009 to record the first episode of the Joe Rogan Experience he likely had no idea what it would become.

More than 10 years, 1400 episodes, and 200 million downloads a month later, Rogan has cemented himself as podcast royalty. The American comedian and MMA commentator's show has hosted a wide variety of hugely influential guests from the worlds of sport, comedy, politics, film, technology, and more.

In that time Rogan has hosted some incredible conversations that leave listeners feeling enriched and inspired at the end of the show, and also some that have had fans the world over trying to avoid awkwardly belly laughing while listening out in public.

However, despite the comedian's laudable ability to regularly adapt to match his guest's sense of humour and speaking styles, every now and then there's an episode where the conversation doesn't mesh quite so well.

Whether it is from an ill-timed joke, a timekeeping issue, or a fundamental disagreement in principles, sometimes sparks fly and Rogan can't help but let his emotions show.

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