7 Amazing Methods We're Using To Contact Aliens

7. Infrared Technology

While Infrared is slowly being pushed aside by Bluetooth in everyday technologies like TV remotes, it's always had a higher calling. IR technology has played a crucial role in mapping out space, and now it's being taken on to help in the search for extra-terrestrial life. Who's laughing now, Bluetooth? Astronomers at the Lick Obsvervatory in the US have begun using infrared light detectors to try and intercept interstellar signals. Powerful infrared signals can be momentarily brighter even than stars, which means they're visible across thousands of light years of space. Uniquely among SETI projects, this one is searching for optical signals rather than radio signals from extra-terrestrials. While detecting an extra-terrestrial IR signal would require it to be pointing in earth's direction, it marks an experimental new means of seeking out alien life.
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