7 Best Walt Disney World Related YouTube Channels

5. Krispy Smore

I was introduced to Krispy Smore through watching another YouTuber and they quickly became two of my favourites.

Stephie and Dave are from the UK and met whilst working at Epcot. Now the pair go on regular vacations to Orlando, spending time at both Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort. The pair also make regular trips to Disneyland Paris.

The couple release videos three times a week. There's a vacation video on Tuesday, Chef Dave makes Disney treats on a Friday (yes Dave is an actual trained chef) and Stephie has her own series on a Sunday.

In the build up to their holidays, the couple embark on a video series called Fit For Florida. In the series they focus on getting themselves in shape for their upcoming trips, both physically and mentally.

Stephie and Dave document their Disney loving lives and are generally just a fun loving couple whose love of Disney is something all their fans can relate to.


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