7 Bizarre Conspiracy Theories You'd Probably Never Believe

So The Shining is comprehensive evidence of the Moon Landing hoax? You don't say.

Love them, hate them, perhaps even believe some of them, but conspiracy theories are a fascinating insight into how humanity is always looking to someone to blame for catastrophes or devastating world events. Maybe it's a desire to hold powerful people accountable for their actions (such as governments, mostly) or wanting to feel in control of negative situations. In either case, conspiracy theories and theorists are rampant, especially around the Internet. Most people are already familiar with the big ones: the JFK assassination, the moon landing, 9/11, why one sock always goes missing after doing a wash etc. But there are some theories circulating the globe that are so strange, it perhaps draws a line between questioning authoritative information using alternative sources and paranoid delusions mixed with a fantasy complex. This list is about the latter.

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