7 Facts About Tutankhamun You Probably Didn't Know

A look into the life of Egypt's most mysterious ruler.


The year is 1332 BC. Ancient Egypt is the most powerful empire the world has ever seen, yet has been left in turmoil thanks to Pharaoh Akhenaten. This largely forgotten figure of Ancient Egyptian history had a reign shrouded in controversy and a hunger for totalitarian rule. Akhenaten moved the Egyptian capital, undermined Egyptian religious teachings and changed the nation's chief deity to Aten, the Disc of the Sun.

When Akhenaten finally passed, the throne and a state in borderline anarchistic chaos was passed to his child heir, Tutankhamun, aged just nine years old. With the help of his advisers, King Tut managed to turn Egypt around and reverse all the damage caused by his father in little under a decade. But a tragic turn of events once again plunged Egypt into uncertainty, as Pharaoh Tutankhamun suddenly died while still in his teens.

Thousands of years later, the stories, myths and legends of Tutankhamun are amongst the most discussed topics in the study of Ancient Egypt. Working through the truths, conspiracies and results of the global rumour mill, this article has managed to find seven of the most shocking and overlooked facts of the boy King, Tutankhamun.


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