7 Irritating Stereotypes You Meet At The Gym

Well, we're nearing the end of the month and those of you who have recently joined a gym, and those of you who are long-term members, will have begun to notice the types. There are several which stalk gyms up and down the land and, just like a bird will fly past a lion who will stalk past a sun-bathing hippo, the gym is like its own little world. Obviously, if you are new, you are a 'type' too. The newbie, detested by the old school gym members because you're taking up all of the machines. The flipside is that the older members are looked on with disdain because they're miserable due to the influx of new blood. This is fine and part of nature. There are many other animals stalking the gym though and, for your gym-spotters guide book, here are 7 Irritating Stereotypes You Meet In Every Gym.
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