7 People Who Claimed To Be Time Travelers

6. The Time Travelling Hipster

Alexander Smith TIME TRAVEL
[Public Domain], Wikimedia Commons

Here's another extremely sloppy time traveller - one who, unlike the woman in the Charlie Chaplin video, apparently didn't even bother to try and blend in with the contemporary culture by buying some new clothes the very second he got there (which, as anyone who has seen Back to the Future will know, is an absolute prerequisite).

According to some, the above picture shows a man from our time (or perhaps a little earlier) casually standing amongst a group of onlookers from 1941 at the opening of the Gold Bridge in British Columbia, Canada.

And it's not untrue to say that he does look a little out of place. He's got sunglasses on, for one thing, and he appears to be wearing a button-up shirt over a T-shirt, a style that is ubiquitous now but wasn't exactly all the rage back in the '40s.

So-called "experts" have mostly dismissed the idea that the man in question could be a time traveller. They claim that, although his get-up was somewhat unusual for the era, all of the clothes seen therein were available to buy if you looked in the right stores.