7 Reasons Why Nothing Is Real And Your Life Is A Lie

7. Memories Don€™t Exist

Memories form a massive part of our identity, you could even go so far as to say we are our memories, which is why it's kinda disturbing to learn that they don't really exist. Memories are not stored in the same way as books on a shelf or files on a computer, waiting to be accessed. Memory recall is actually more akin to imagination and your brain "regenerates" memories every time you want to remember them. This is usually fine for doing things like finding your way to the shops and revisiting embarrassing moments in your past whilst you're trying to fall asleep, but some experiments have shown that it is possible for your brain to completely invent memories. Studies have shown that people can invent memories to go along with doctored images and even completely fabricate events, ironically, during repression therapy.
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