7 Ridiculous Harry Potter Moments That Are Only In The Books

Sometimes, the Harry Potter series went a little too far...

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There are almost two-hundred chapters across the seven Harry Potter books, and though this lengthy series generally excels at crafting an authentic, nuanced fictional world, there are a number of disconcertingly strange moments during Harry’s adventures.

Such moments often, but not always, stem from a character’s odd decision making or lack of judgement. Though this does result in a fair degree of humour, there are certain times during the Harry Potter books where particular choices make little to no sense whatsoever.

It wouldn’t be foolish to assume the majority of these moments come from Harry’s earliest adventures at Hogwarts. Given the first two books are for a younger audience, odd story beats would feel less out of kilter with the tone of the story. But this isn’t the case at all. Most of them actually come from the longer, more mature books in the series.

Whilst these ridiculous moments aren’t so bizarre they spoil the central narrative, they do raise a number of questions. Perhaps J.K. Rowling just enjoyed writing these books so much she got a bit too carried away at times...

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