7 Simple Questions That Scientists Still Can't Answer

You think we'd know why yawning is contagious by now.

"Ahh, but science doesn't know everything", says your slightly batty uncle when you try to explain why his homeopathic arnica isn't helping. Well, he's right I'm afraid, science doesn't know everything. What's more, some of the things it doesn't know are seemingly embarassingly simple. Like, we can unravel some of the most complex secrets of the universe, investigate the weird world of quantum mechnics, cure once-deadly diseases ... but we can't figure out the physics of muesli. Some might argue that scientists shouldn't be spending their precious careers studying muesli and moths when there are cancers to cure and planets to explore, but, you never know, understanding the little things might end up unlocking the secrets of the universe. Some of the greatest discoveries have been made by accident. That said, the relative unimportance of something in the grand scheme of things is no reason not to study it. We can't all be the first person on Mars, after all.
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