7 Unsolvable Mysteries (That We Can Totally Solve)

Ghosts, demons, aliens, or natural phenomenon? If in doubt, it's probably aliens.

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We all love a good mystery. Preferably as spooky, gory or downright bizarre as possible.

There are plenty of unsolved mysteries in the universe, but these tend to revolve around questions like "What exactly is dark matter?" and "How do we unify the different theories of gravity?". Whilst these are definitely fascinating questions, for sure, they don't exactly make for a thrilling ghost story around the camp fire.

Mysteriously mutilated livestock, alien abductions, terrifying sea creatures that baffle scientists, and demonic ancient texts, however, are guaranteed to send a shiver down the spine of any self respecting camper. You will often see these stories gleefully presented as spooky mysteries that have had the finest scientific minds totally stumped.

Except, of course, a large number of these phenomena have been explained. Unfortunately, these rather mundane rationalisations tend not to be quite as exciting as the Super Spooky Aliens/Ghosts/Demons/Whatever and, as such, tend not to attract quite the same level of publicity and exposure.

So, the next time your weird mate starts waxing lyrical about the latest UFO shenanigans or government conspiracy, be sure to have one of these party poopers on hand to one up them.

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