8 Biggest, Weirdest Mysteries In Space

The universe is hiding answers to questions you haven't even asked yet.

International Space Station Star Trails JSC2012E052684

Space is big. It's the biggest thing that there is and, as such, it is hiding its fair share of mysterious in its deepest, darkest depths. The universe is hiding so many mysteries from us, that the vast majority of them, we haven't even thought of yet and some questions are so weird that most of us would never even think to ask them.

As we peer out into the universe, and our observational capabilities get better and better, ever greater and more unexpected mysteries present themselves to the scientists and astrophysicists that study them.

Why, for example, is the sun's atmosphere so much hotter than its surface? What's causing that big old hole in the deep universe? And what exactly is messing with our space probes when we send them into the solar system?

As a species, we have figured out an astonishing amount about the universe (or at least we think we have), but the more we discover, the more we find that we don't know, and the more that we find that we don't know, the more we want to find out.

So, we'll start with the most mysterious of the mysterious, dark matter, but not in the way that you'd think...

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