8 Bizarre Things Science Has Taught Us About Sex

Putting the bond in bondage.

Dangerous Method

Everybody loves a bit of sexytime, including the scientists who study it closely because, hey, there's nothing sexier than over-analysing things, right?

The more we peer into the murky world of people's bedroom habits, the more we discover just how complex the entire field of sex and desire are.

After all, sex is the one sure-fire thing that we know influences evolution, and its layers of subtlety and complexity have just gotten subtler and more complex over time as the arms race of natural selection just continues to escalate.

Unfortunately, research at the moment seems to revolve around straight people in the WEIRD demographic - that's Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich and Democratic, not people who are into spanking, we'll cover that one later. However, there are a couple of studies sneaking in that make full use of the rich and varied spectrum of sexuality.

So, let's talk about the birds and the bees - the science way...

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