8 Crazy Cool Human Genetic Mutations

You could be a mutant, and not even know it.

When you think of genetic mutations, a couple of things might spring to mind. On the one hand there are the X-Men and a host of other genetically altered superheroes, on the other hand, there are a load of horrible deformities and diseases caused by genes going a little haywire due to copying errors and exposure to radiation. On the third hand (we are talking about mutants after all), we have some genetic oddities that at first seem pretty normal, even beautiful, but give rise to a load of weird and wonderful abilities. Not all genetic mutations make you sprout extra arms, many of them are extremely beneficial - that's all evolution is, after all. The people with these mutations might not look any different to everyone else on the surface, but they're hiding superpowers. Who knows, you could even be one of those extra-special mutants and not even know it (in fact, the likelihood is that a lot of you reading this will be). So let's take a look at some of the secrets that your DNA could be hiding.

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