8 Crazy Cryptids That Could Exist

6. Megaconda

kraken clash of the titans

Those of you familiar with the Anaconda film series may also be familiar with this cryptid. The legend goes that deep within the South American jungles live a subspecies of anaconda that have grown to an impossible scale.

Some descriptions of these creatures range from 30 ft (9.1m) to a staggering 300 ft (91m), fully capable of taking down any and all that unfortunately cross its path.

Stories about this snake monolith have been circulated since Brazil and other areas surrounding the Amazon rainforest were first colonised. These stories have continued on almost a yearly basis even to this day. One notable example is when explorer Algote Lange wrote that a Brazilian rubber worker was attacked by a 53ft (16.2m) snake that would have swallowed him if not for three others with very large guns.

The explanation behind these creatures from many cryptozoologists is that anacondas, or at least these anacondas, keep growing for their entire lives. It is possible that this subspecies may live much longer than their usual evolutionary cousins. This allows them to reach this extraordinary size.

Other explanations say that it could be a prehistoric snake species that has managed to survive in the remote, uncontacted areas of the jungle. For instance, the Titanoboa that grew upwards of 42ft (12.8m), thought to have gone extinct millions of years ago. As no one has fully explored these areas, this could hold true.

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