8 Disgusting Things Living On Your Body Right Now

Feeling itchy?

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With the hustle and bustle of day to day life, it is sometimes easy to feel all alone in our big, scary modern world.

Which is why you'll surely be pleased to learn that you're never truly alone, but rather you are positively crawling with all kinds of bugs, bacteria and bitey things that will keep you company from cradle to grave.

There, don't you just feel better already?

We're not just one creature, but each of us is practically our own planet, supporting a unique and diverse microbiome and seething with non-human life.

Before you go reaching for the bleach, however, bear in mind that we have evolved alongside our microscopic companions, and our bodies have become so used to having the little critters around, that some pretty bad stuff happens when they go away.

As it turns out, your own unique ecosystem is not just made up of a bunch of freeloaders, but are more like your own personal army. Keeping this lot around means that they will in turn keep some of the nastier stuff at bay as they fight for space on your skin, in your gut and even within your very cells.

Feeling itchy yet?

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