8 Disturbing Facts About Human Evolution

When you turn primordial soup into humans, some weird stuff happens on the way.

Evolution is a pretty weird and wonderful process. Basically, you can leave some proteins in a sludgy primordial pond and, given a few million years, it will be sat at a computer, writing all about the amazing process that got it there. It isn't all about Mother Nature giving giraffes their awesome long necks either; Evolution is the ultimate in rock and roll, shaped by death and sex and violence over many millennia. The strong, clever and attractive survive, the weak are left to the wayside. Pretty brutal stuff. All of this leads to some bizarre things locked up in all that DNA rattling around inside of you. It's pretty weird, for instance, that the human race is the last of its kind. There are loads of species of dogs, cats, bears and sloths knocking around, but humans are on their own. Perhaps this is a good thing, we have trouble playing nicely with people who are a slightly different shade of browny/beige, imagine if there was a whole other species to deal with. Evolution isn't finished with us yet, though. According to the latest scientific studies, the human race could well look entirely different in another couple million years. Anyway, let's take a look at where it's gotten us so far.
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