8 Eerie Final Interviews Dead Celebs Gave

John Lennon absolutely did not want to be a "dead hero". And yet...

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Looking over famous figure's last words is an endlessly interesting exercise, because a person's last words can say a lot about the life that person lived.

For example, grammarian Dominique Bouhours telling his loved ones "I am about to -- or am going to -- die; either expression is correct" shows that some retain their sense of humor even in their dying hour. Or Irish nationalist Robert Childers telling the firing squad to "Take a step forward lads, it'll be easier that way" shows that some men can never be completely cremated because their balls of steel simply won't combust.

But some last words aren't so much humorous or badass as they are spine-tinglingly eerie. Like famed prophet Nostradamus telling his secretary "You will not find me alive at sunrise" the night before he died.

Certain famous people seem to know something special about themselves and the world around them in their final days. Some will eulogize their lives without realizing it, while others accurately prophecize important events in the world.

Granted, it's easy to search for meaning in the final moments of someone's life and strain to find something profound in their last words, especially when that person is famous. But it's difficult to deny the underlying eeriness in some of these celebrities' final interviews.

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