8 Eerily Accurate Predictions That Came True

Predicting WiFi, mobile phones and ... the birth of Adolf Hitler?

Psychic Crystal Ball

Seers, soothsayers, and psychics litter human history ever since we learnt to comprehend the concepts of past, present and future.

We've always been fascinated by what the future holds, and have dedicated a significant amount of time and energy to desperately trying to preempt future events. Whether this involves consulting a crystal ball, studying entrails, reading tea leaves, or watching the weather forecast, we're obsessed with the idea that forewarned is forearmed.

Not to let the spooky fortune tellers have all the fun, writers, scientists and futurists have all gotten in on the prediction action. Whether this is by making explicit predictions or envisaging a shiny new future in their science fiction, some of their prophecies have been spookily accurate.

Sure, there are plenty of examples throughout history of people "predicting" things that, in hindsight, can be twisted to sound vaguely like WiFi or mobile phones, but sometimes a prediction will come up that's so weirdly specific, that it makes you think that it couldn't possibly have been sheer luck.

Whether this concerns a future technology, an historic event, or a bizarrely specific blow-by-blow account of an actual event that they could not possibly have had prior inside knowledge (you'll see what we mean about that one soon).

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