8 Famous Paranormal Photographs Debunked

Messages from another world, or clever photoshop?

Tulip Stairs Ghost
Public Domain

They say that the camera never lies.

Whether that old aphorism is true or not, you can be sure as hell that even if the camera doesn't lie, light, eyes, imaginations and people most certainly do.

When probing into the weird and wonderful in the world, many believers in the paranormal point to certain, seemingly unexplainable photographs to prove that there could be more to reality that meets the eye. Some of these images have become famous, in both believer and skeptic circles alike, with each side trying to prove or debunk their subjects.

Whether they depict ghosts, aliens, monsters or even time travellers, some argue that they are incontrovertible proof of all things otherworldly, whereas others view them as the result of tricks of the light, elaborate hoaxes, double exposures or even plain and simple photoshop.

The strength of these images is that they capture the imagination and make you want to believe that what they show is real.

So, are there really more things in heaven and Earth than dreamt in our philosophy? Are we being hoodwinked by those in pursuit of fame and a quick buck? Or are we clutching at straws in the hope that extraordinary and unexplainable things really can happen?

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