8 Famous People Who Went Missing (And Were Never Found)

It’s a mystery!

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People go missing on a daily basis and that’s just a fact. Some are found happy and healthy... others not so much, causing severe heartache for their friends and family. However, in some cases these vanishing people are never recovered, spiralling an investigation which could be eternal.

In some instances, missing folk have become famous just for how large a scale their investigation was, but in others, these people were stars BEFORE their disappearance! Uh oh.

Being in the light of the media can significantly affect celebrities. The fact that they’re constantly hounded by paparazzi for photographs and their lives are interfered with and twisted by publishers, can sometimes mean they feel there is really no escape for them.

So, have some of these celebs just wanted to catch a break and start a new life in Mexico? Or is there an underlying twisted truth in their disappearance? Who knows... as these following cases are still left unsolved to date.


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