8 Fast Food Sandwiches That Were Likely Created On A Dare

They can't have thought these were a good idea!

Fast food is, quite literally, not for the weak of heart. The amount of calories in a typical quickie burger is second only to the amount of shame felt when unwrapping it. In fact, pulling up to that big speaker and ordering from the safety of your vehicle without being subjected to the judgmental gaze of a minimum-waged employee is often the only way to feel confident ordering those bacon-topped abominations. But, as with most things, those pangs of guilt and self-loathing aren't always enough to override the need to consume all of that delicious meat and cheese. And knowing that as long as it fits the €œcheap and fast€ dictum laid forth by the industry then surely SOMEONE will buy it, there have been dozens of strange and other-worldly items that have made it into the menu. Some are so repulsive, in both concept and execution, it's hard to believe a human being green-lit these ideas. In fact, some are so absurd it€™s entirely possible they were created just to mess with us. And if that was truly their ultimate goal...BRAVO!
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