8 Insane Outbursts That Got Celebrities In Serious Trouble

It's not like people pay attention to them or anything.

When you get angry or throw a hissy fit, it can be humiliating. Even if it's just you and a couple of loved ones around, the fact of you losing your cool can be enough to damage your relationships with other people and your own sense of dignity. Whether it's caused by not getting your own way or you've just embarrassed yourself by having a bit too much to drink, it's not too great a feeling to realise that you've been an a**hole. If it's humiliating when there are only a couple of witnesses to you at your worst, how bad must it be when the whole world knows what a twonk you are? That's a question that likely haunts celebrities wherever they go, even if they've done nothing wrong. Hell, especially if they've done nothing wrong - don't you think J-Law is absolutely terrified of the moment when she slips up and gets eaten alive because everyone expects her to be human perfection 24/7? We may not have their riches, great jobs and glamorous lifestyles, but at least we plebs get our privacy. That said, sometimes the crimes of the famous are so great that they don't deserve to suffer in seclusion, and it surely keeps a Hollywood actor humble when they know they'll have to answer to the public when they screw up. The following is a list of famous folks who made some pretty egregious errors in judgement and cost themselves a large chunk of their dignity trying to dig themselves out...
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