8 Legendary Duos Who Hated Each Other's Guts

Bless their souls, a lot of them didn't even try to hide it.

mulder scully

From the outside looking in, it's easy to picture the most successful of famous duos - whether it be musicians, actors, or comedians - as being best pals. After all, how could two people who produce so much memorable output not get along? Right? ...Right??

Well, no, not exactly. Think about all of your coworkers for a moment. There's likely one or two - or eighteen - that you genuinely hate and wouldn't feel the least sad for if a rogue piano-on-wheels ran over them on the sidewalk. And just because these people are famous coworkers, they're still not going to get along every minute of every day. Some legendary partnerships didn't have quite as much chemistry behind the scenes.

Once they were finished filming/recording/performing together, they might have thought about punching each other in the mouth. And bless their souls, a lot of them didn't even try to hide it...


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