8 Mind Blowing Facts About The Human Race

Get ready to meet your great-great-great-great-great- ...you get the idea.

Evolution ascent of man

The modern human. The Homo Sapien. The noble ape. Whatever you want to call us, humans are a weird old bunch. We stick out from the rest of the animal kingdom like a sore opposable thumb with our bipedalism, (mostly) hairless bodies and penchant for living in concrete boxes and watching Netflix. The question is, how did we get here?

Despite the breadth of variety in the human population, we are all (mostly) descended from a single African lineage. Despite the booming human population, there was a time when we were treading the knife edge of extinction.

Despite the relatively short amount of time we've been mooching around the place, our presence is already felt on stars and planets many light years away.

Like we said, humans are a weird old bunch. So, as humans, we're not content with simply eating, sleeping and having sex like the rest of the animal kingdom (although many modern humans would think that this sounds like a pretty great life), we are unique amongst life on Earth for having built a civilisation. What is it about humans that have made us the way we are?

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