8 Quirks You Might Have That Are Actually Super Rare

8. Super Recognisers


Never forget a face?

If you're constantly recognising minor characters in films and picking out strangers in crowds, you might be a Super Recogniser.

Around 1-2% of people are thought to have the power to retain faces to an almost spooky degree. The phenomenon was known as far back as Roman times, and even modern police forces are beginning to recognise the skills that these people have to offer. The Metropolitan Police reportedly used the super recognisers to trawl CCTV footage of rioters in order to make arrests.

Most people can recall around 20% of the faces they see, but those with this particular superpower could manage as much as 80%. The ability seems to be unique to human faces, as those tested in studies didn't perform nearly as well as remembering flowers.

This is an ongoing area of research, and you can contribute by taking a super recogniser test yourself, here.

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