8 Science Approved Ways To Make Yourself More Attractive

Even the dating game has cheat codes.

You're obviously a total love machine anyway, but even near perfection can be improved upon. Generally speaking, the best way to secure yourself a bonny lover is to just be yourself, but there's nothing wrong getting a bit scientific and there are plenty of little tricks to, er, enhance your natural charm and charisma. These consist of a little bit of biology, a little bit of psychology and an awful lot of taking advantage of quirks of your evolution.

Although you now do things like drive cars and wear shoes, your brain is still a caveman at heart, and has evolved over millions of years to ensure you get laid. You don't have to use these to cynically trick people into a romantic encounter, studies show that being more attractive makes you more likely to succeed in work, friendships and life in general too. People are also more likely to assume that you are smart, kind and funny - they're even more likely to do you favours and lend you money.

With all this in mind, it would be simply churlish not to take advantage of nature's little helpers.


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