8 Science Facts They Probably Didn't Teach You In School

Won't somebody think of the children?

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School, as you might be aware, is where we go to learn (shocker, right?). But they don't tell you everything.

For one thing, this would take an impossibly long time, for another, there are some things that simply aren't appropriate for the classroom, even if they are true. Remembering just how much sniggering your science class did at even the most basic anatomy lessons, you can perhaps understand why teachers prefer to leave some things up to the internet to teach our young minds.

It could be that they're too rude, too sexy, too gross or just too damn depressing. Whatever the reason, they're left off the syllabus and out of the classroom and, frankly, more's the pity.

Perhaps more kids would stay on and study science subjects if they were taught the more colourful aspects of sexuality, or the more violently fascinating behaviour of animals or even just the grossest facts their teacher knows (everyone loves gross science, don't deny it). We could be missing out on a whole generation of young scientists, because we were all made to stick to the yawntastic chemistry syllabus.

Well, we're here to right some wrongs, so here are some of the things your science teacher never told you.


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