8 Technologies That We Should Never, Ever Build

Inventions that could doom us all.

Nagasaki bomb

Sometimes it feels as though the march of progress is all but unstoppable and innovation will not rest until we're all living it up in a virtual world, on our virtual yachts, sipping virtual pina coladas.

However, if the past has taught us anything, it's that technological advances can always be turned to atrocious use. In splitting the atom, we created nuclear weapons before nuclear power, who's to say we won't do the same with nanobots, virtual reality or the latest medical research?

As well as the potential for humans to kill and maim one another, there are also certain technologies that we should never attempt due to the sheer amount of accidental damage it will cause.

Many a sci-fi has begun with a well-meaning scientist meddling with powers he can not hope to control. Dr Frankenstein had meant to create the paragon of human perfection and instead created a monster. You can't always know which innovations are bad ones until they happen. After all, if you play with fire, you might get burnt, but you might also be able to keep yourself warm.

That said, there are a few future technologies that you just know are a bad idea from the word go.

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