8 Terrifying Unsolved Halloween Mysteries

Halloween is more than just scary movies and trick or treating.

Halloween is upon us once again and it's time we engage in various activities and rituals designed to creep each other out. Horror movies, haunted house attractions and scary stories are the order of the day and there's nothing better than a good fright that will make our skin crawl. However, the most frightening tales of all are ones that are all too real.

Truth is often both stranger and more terrifying that fiction, and there are enough true crime stories to inspire an infinite amount of horror-based works of art. Murders and disappearances that will chill you to the core; especially ones that remain unexplained. So dim the lights and make sure the doors are locked as we take a look at 8 terrifying unsolved Halloween mysteries.

8. David Stone Goes In Search Of The Beast

David Stone Death

David Stone was a man who appeared to have it all. He was a successful stock market analyst making good money in a stable career, who was big into the New Age movement - a popular subculture in the 1980s - and by all accounts a sane man with a sharp, analytical mind. However, a few days before Halloween of 1988 he left his home when a heated argument with a party guest turned violent, something that those close to Stone say was completely out of character.

David Stone was seen intermittently sitting next to his vehicle on Highway 80, and apparently set off on foot into the desert. He was spotted by witnesses several times that day, including a farmer who found him wandering around on his property €“ noting that he was dressed inappropriately for the cold weather - while muttering something about being €œin search of the beast€ before vanishing for good. His car was found on November 5th off the same highway, parked near some pyramid-shaped mountains.

Searchers headed North from the location of the car and found two pyramids fashioned out of rocks and surrounded by a triangle with David€™s Rolex watch lying next to one of them. Three miles further north they found a Fibonacci sequence €“ a number pattern used in stock analysis €“ etched into the soil, this one ending in 18 rather than the standard 21. Bloodhounds were able to track David€™s scent along Highway 80, 13 miles north from where his car was abandoned but the trail went cold.

His family found a most peculiar note inside his vehicle that read €œ"They think the WORD is in the safe. Six knives in Rob€™s room. Yous buys your tea and yous take your chances Halloween". Two hikers found David Stone€™s remains in the desert in 1992, four years after he went missing. Despite having no idea what caused his erratic behavior or how and why he died, there was no sign of any foul play.

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