8 Theories That NASA Might Be Hiding From People

Decoding mysteries of outer space!

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Outer space is a place full of mysteries and there's a long way to go before we can claim to know even one-tenth of it. Since we understand so little, many myths and weird conspiracy theories are bound to emerge as a result.

On the internet you need to be a skeptical reader these days. Claims of aliens and UFOs being discovered or the Moon turning green are the kinds of things that should be checked out carefully.

Even though NASA might know more about such space programs and theories, it is not their responsibility to relay information about such programs. However, being the federal agency at the forefront of exploring outer space, NASA ends up being the front door for all types of wild conspiracy theories.

Space is a pretty fascinating place, but maybe there are things that have happened or are happening in our solar system that we're not supposed to know about? Most shy away from such conspiracy theories, but maybe some theories deserve a second glance...

8. Space Angels

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In 1984, a group of six NASA space explorers reported to have seen some “celestial beings” in space. They told ground control that these were humanoid in appearance, but also had wings and halos. The faces of these beings were said to resemble those of humans with "peaceful expressions".

Some of the space explorers concluded that these alleged space angels had access to technology that was more advanced than our own. Many scientists have dismissed the incident citing the fatigue of the cosmonauts due to their extended stay in space. However, since NASA has decided to stay quiet on this matter, it therefore has become a sort of mystery.

Cosmonauts aren’t the only ones to have supposedly glimpsed angels in space. In 1995, the Solar And Heliospheric Observatory allegedly glimpsed the images of angelic beings flying near the Sun. NASA explained that these images were merely image-processing errors, but conspiracy theorists insist that those were aliens.

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