8 Things You Need To Know About Universal Epic Universe's How To Train Your Dragon Land

Enter the world of Hiccup and Toothless as you learn to become a dragon rider.

Universal Orlando Resort Epic Universe How To Train Your Dragon- Isle Of Berk
Universal Orlando Resort

Universal Orlando Resort is about to become even more "epic" with the opening of a brand new theme park in 2025.

Universal Epic Universe will thrust you into thrilling adventures from some of the biggest movie franchises. As we get closer to the as yet not revealed opening date, Universal's creative team have been releasing details about each of the park's new lands one at a time.

Previously we learned all about Celestial Park and the rides the Celestial Spin coaster that will greet guests as they enter the new theme park.

Now, the creative minds behind the park have given us more details about How To Train Your Dragon - Isle Of Berk. Based on the DreamWorks Animation movies, you'll find yourself in a world of vikings and dragons.

One of 5 lands in the new Epic Universe park, How To Train Your Dragon - Isle Of Berk is set to be a family-friendly land that will provide some thrills for everyone in the group.

With coasters, spinning rides and dining experiences; How To Train Your Dragon. - Isle Of Berk is looking set to be filled to the brim. Here's everything you need to know about you will experience when you enter the portal to this dragon filled land...

8. Hiccup’s Wing Gliders

Universal Orlando Resort Epic Universe How To Train Your Dragon- Isle Of Berk
Universal Orlando Resort

Hop aboard a family-friendly coaster that reaches speeds of up to 45mph!

Hiccup of How To Train Your Dragon has built a brand new "glider contraption," that will give any fearless viking a chance to to take to the sky on this winged flying machine.

Hiccup’s Wing Gliders could be the perfect ride for little vikings to try out their first coaster, or those young at heart looking to take in just what it's like to ride on a dragon.

Riders on the new coaster will get a "dragon's eye" view over Isle of Berk. The coaster will take guests around the edge of the new land, allowing you to take in all the sights and sounds of this viking town.

How To Train Your Dragon - Isle Of Berk has plenty of sights to see too. The village is filled with carved architecture, lush landscaping and of course dragons.

As you soar around the land, keep an eye out for sheep disguised as Terrible Terror dragons.


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