8 Things You Should Do When Planning A Group Trip To Universal Orlando Resort

Let us help you take the stress out of planning for your vacation.

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There's some vacations that are really better spent with friends and family. The bigger the group the more fun you have. Especially somewhere like Universal Orlando Resort.

With three different theme parks to explore and lots of things to do at CityWalk, you'll never have time to get bored.

Universal Studios Florida, Islands of Adventure and the brand new water theme park Volcano Bay have rides and shows suitable for the whole family. So no matter who you go with there's something to keep everyone entertained.

Holidays are supposed to be a pleasant mixture of entertainment and relaxation. But if you are the one planning a group vacation it can be anything but enjoyable.

Should the job of being in charge fall to you it can be hard to juggle everyone's expectations. Especially if you have been to your destination before.

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For the first time this summer I travelled to Universal Orlando Resort, not as a couple like I usually do, instead as a group of 9.

Only three had ever been to Universal Orlando Resort before and 4 had never been to the States before. For them it was a whole new experience.

As I'd been quite a few times I became the official travel planner for my family. I wanted to make sure they had the best time possibly and for them to fall in love with Universal the way that I did.

Planning for 9 people has such a unique set of challenges; where do we all stay, what rides do we go on and what do we do each day? Our family members are pretty diverse, all with different needs.

Looking back now, it was the best trip I've ever been on. Everyone loved the parks, the hotels and the entertainment.

So here are the 8 things we suggest you do to stop you from getting stressed when planning your dream family vacation to Universal Orlando Resort.


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