8 Times Harry Potter Was On Trial

Taking "if you spoil Harry Potter for me, I'll shoot you" to new heights of realism...

The Harry Potter series is unfathomably lucrative. In 2011, the Harry Potter brand was valued by Business Insider at over fifteen billion dollars. Fifteen billion €“ that's more billions than double the number of people on this Earth. More than four-hundred million copies of Harry Potter books have been sold worldwide. There's a Warner Brothers helmed film franchise, a theme park, video games, and innumerable other kinds of merchandise. It's only natural, then, that certain people would see Rowling's vast success and want a share of that Gringotts Bank-tier profit. The temptation must be ridiculously strong. Any connection or similarity to anything in the Harry Potter series €“ regardless of how slight €“ has the potential to rake in hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions€ Of course, with great success comes great legal defence. Pursuing a claim with no legitimacy is practically financial suicide, but sometimes people just can't see beyond the pound signs in their eyes. Here are some of the most foolish examples of times when people tried to take Harry Potter to court.


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