8 Ways To Spot A Fresher

Uni is about to start, so watch out for the signs of a fresher.

It's that time of year again. The new year of University is about to kick off. Which means hundreds of 'young adults' are getting ready for the craziest, most exciting, hard working years of their lives so far. If you've been to Uni and have waved the freshers year good bye you will notice a few home truths about your first year as a student. If you're just about to start Uni then here's a way to notice you're not the only newbie in town. The first year of University can be a daunting time - away from home, having to do your own washing, cooking, cleaning, ironing, you name it, it's down to you to do it. But you're not alone. Everyone else starting Uni for the first time is in the same boat. Try helping each other out. Embrace it. It only happens once. You can't be a fresher for the first time ever again. Even if you screw it up and have to re-take the year - you will always be the guy who is doing freshers for the second time because he failed it the first time round #awkward.

8. The Family Outing

A sure sign that you have spotted a fresher is that there is a teenager walking around town with their parents. And possibly with a younger sibling in tow. As we all know, and have all experienced - if you are 18 you do not wish to be seen dead with your parents. Especially when you're trying to act cool around your new flat mates. If there's a family looking a little lost and you hear the dad say things like 'at least McDonald's is only a short walk from your Halls of Residence son' then you've found a fresher!
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