8 World Leaders With The Highest Death Tolls

8. Kim Il Sung - 1.6 million

North Korea remains the most secretive county on the planet and that is the legacy of Kim Il Sung, the first Communist leader of the "Democratic People's Republic of Korea", and the man who oversaw the murder of at least 1.6 million people. His brutal reign lasted the best part of 50 years (1948-1994) and his regime routinely executed political opponents - without trial, of course - and sent hundreds of thousands of men, women and children to prison camps littered around North Korea where they died as a result of forced labour or firing squad. As well as orchestrated killings, Il Sung can also at the very least be described as "criminally negligent" for allowing more than one million of his own citizens to die as a result of disease - which he blamed on the USA for planting within the North Korean population - and famine. What's most worrying is that his grandson, Kim Jong-un, is currently Supreme leader of North Korea. Let's hope the same atrocities are not being committed to this day.
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