9 Bad Habits That Science Says Are Good For You

Drinkin', fightin' and cussin' - behave like a cowboy and live forever.

Bad Habits

Hey, we're all human and, no matter what we tell our doctors, our mums or our significant others, we've all got a few bad habits. Never despair, however, as science is on our side, and it turns out that some of these so called "bad habits" could actually b good for you.

This doesn't mean that all of your bad habits are good; if you still insist on scattering your toenail clippings about the house, or use your roommate's clipper to trim your downstairs area, you're still a terrible person, but there are a few vices out there that science gives a free pass.

Now, you no longer have to expend your precious energy and willpower to resist the urge to drink and swear like an old timey sailor, tell the odd little white lie, or skip your morning shower in favour of another ten precious minutes in bed. What's more, when anyone tries to guilt you for your slovenly disregard for society's rules, you can hit them with some science based truth bombs and go back to eating pizza, playing video games and drinking wine through a straw. Take that, The Man.

So which of your bad habits are virtues in disguise, and which one are just, well, bad?

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