9 Badasses Who Performed Surgery On Themselves

Who needs the hospital when you have vodka and a pocketknife?

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Going in for any kind of surgery is a pretty daunting prospect, even if you're just getting those pesky tonsils out, and that's in a nice clean operating theatre, with a team of trained medical professionals, under the influence of some very potent drugs.

Now imagine that you're performing the surgery yourself - not after any training or anything, you're still the same old idiot - probably somewhere dirty and isolated, using whatever tools are to hand, without any anaesthesia and you are most likely operating on something that is very painful and probably life threatening (otherwise you could probably just tough it out and wait for a doctor's appointment). Could you do it?

These people did.

Often using improvised tools and sometimes even improvised anaesthesia in the form of copious amounts of vodka. Amazingly, the results are often remarkably positive, with the majority of these DIY surgeons springing back up again and going on to lead full and happy lives following their self slicing sessions. That said, there's probably a bit of bias at play here, as the ones who survive against all the odd are the ones who have hung around long enough to tell their stories.

And please, for the love of god, don't try these at home.

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