9 Bits Of Tech That Will Change Your Sex Life

From virtual reality to nanobots, sex is going sci-fi.

Woman Making Love to Robot
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Technology is everywhere, so it would be plain naive to think that we wouldn't bring it into the bedroom with us. Would you get it on with a robot? How about measuring your performance with a range of apps? Whether you're an early adopter or a bit more traditional, like it or not, you might soon have to have a conversation with your partner about spicing things up with nanobots.

As the world of sexnology picks up the pace, Cosmo's sex tip pages could soon be full of the most insane ways to hack into your boyfriend's libido chip, your VR headset will definitely see some stuff, and that 3D printer will get a little NSFW from time to time.

9. Virtual Reality Porn

After years of hope and promise, virtual reality is finally beginning to hit the mainstream and make our childhood tech dreams come true. Well, you know the rules: If it exists, there's porn of it. Whilst most of us are still boggle-eyed at the prospect of being able to stand in a virtual reality rainforest, or whatever, some noble pioneers are already beavering away at creating some totally immersive, 180° porn for your meat-beating pleasure and delight.

The experience is, my most accounts, pretty damn convincing. Presumably, the 180° field of vision, as opposed to the full 360° is to prevent you from catching a glimpse of the burly, sweaty production crew that are usually just out of shot in porn. Nothing quite ruins the moment like accidental eye contact with a pre-diabetic mouthbreather called "Buck" whilst you're trying to get your rocks off.

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