9 Compelling Pieces Of Evidence That The Universe Is A Simulation

The Matrix is looking more like a documentary by the day.

Matrix code
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How's your day going? Good? Yeah? Ok, well, there's a chance that nothing is real, reality is a phantom and to attempt to extract any meaning from the universe is ultimately futile. So that's fun.

Far more than an angsty experiment in grunge philosophy, it could well turn out that The Matrix is more of a documentary than a gritty mainstream foray into neo-noir. Perhaps not in the "intelligent machines farming human bodies for bioelectric energy and only you can prevent them" kind of way, but the idea that the universe we perceive is not all that it seems, is one that continues to grow in popularity in both scientific and academic circles.

We've been considering this as a possibility for thousands of years, with solipsism reaching all the way back through history to Plato's Cave, but now it is moving beyond the realms of a thought experiment.

There are those out there who believe that, if the universe really is just the result of a clever bit of code, we should be able to tell - all we have to do is look close enough. Scientists are beginning to gather real, empirical evidence for the glitches, processes and even the base code of the universe.

Whoa, indeed.

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