9 Fascinating Disney Attractions You Didn't Know Were Almost Built

1. Nostromo

Tomorrowland Early Concept

Hard to believe, but the Disney World's Magic Kingdom was at one point slated to house none other than the Alien Xenomorph. The attraction was to be called Nostromo, named after the ship from Ridley Scott's sci-fi classic.

The ride was to be a visual theatre experience with mixtures of live action, kind of similar to the Terminator 2 ride at Universal Studios. Guests would enter the Nostromo and be greeted by Sigourney Weaver's Ripley, only to find the ship terrorised by an Xenomorph. Ripley would then try and help the audience survive the alien encounter, all while seats shook, lights flashed and other effects were employed.

Understandably, Nostromo was scrapped due to the fact it was literally based on an R-rated horror film, a bit of tonal shift in contrast with Disney's Magic Kingdom. Indeed, early reports indicated that ride truly was terrifying - awesome for some, but not so great for children.

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