9 Historical Moments That Prove Aliens Have Visited Earth

9. Madonna And Child With The U.F.O.

€˜Madonna and Child with the Infant St John€™ is a round painting of unknown authorship that dates from the sixteenth century AD. The painting currently resides in the town hall of Florence but is believed to have originated from an old convent named, Sant€™Orsola. Interestingly, this convent has another link to the world of art as it is believed to be where Lisa Gherardini, the women more commonly known as Mona Lisa, was buried.

The painting€™s foreground depicts the Virgin Mary praying as she kneels over the baby Jesus and a young saint John. However, it is the unrelated and seemingly random event portrayed in the paintings background that sets it aside from other religious renaissance artwork. To the right of the Virgin Mary, a shepherd can be seen looking towards the sky and pointing up at a strange object. The object appears to be a dark flying disk with a dome like shape on its top.

The disk is depicted as having light shining from within it and closely matches the flying saucer image that has become commonplace among reported U.F.O. sightings today.

Exactly what the object is supposed to depict is a mystery but it has been the topic of debate between art experts and U.F.O. fanatics. The art world states that the object is supposed to represent an angel appearing in the form of a cloud while U.F.O. experts claim it is evidence that U.F.O sightings have been taking place throughout history.

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