9 People Who Abused Drugs In Nazi Germany

Next time you eat chocolate, check it doesn't contain meth.

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In Nazi Germany, drug use was generally considered taboo. Cocaine and heroin were looked down upon, as the Nazis falsely believed that they were part of a Jewish conspiracy. Yet, thousands of Germans used drugs in order to cope with the war. Abuse was widespread among everyone from ordinary citizens, to soldiers, to some of the top Nazi officials. Even housewives partook, eating the methamphetamine laced Hildebrand chocolates so they could clean faster.

Though the Allies also used drugs to cope with the pressure, the drug abuse in Nazi Germany is extensively recorded in interviews, medical records, journal entries and official reports. Some historians theorize that this widespread drug use was pivotal in several key events - such as the invasion of France.

The majority of the people on this list got away without any punishment, even though they broke the law - which goes to show that even though the law was harsh, it was badly enforced, and most often used against minorities.

Some of the names on this list will surprise you, so read on...

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