9 Reasons PC Owners Are Jealous Of Macs

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A war has long raged between those that love Apple products and those that prefer Windows-based PCs. The huge amount of consumer information out there can be pretty confusing for anyone considering making the switch from one to the other.

The unreliable, insecure and generally pretty dated looking PC has ruled the market in terms of numbers because of its affordability, but the Mac's superior quality on practically all fronts, as well as an impressive branding campaign over the past 10 years or so, has seen its popularity increase.

There's no doubt that owning a Mac would improve the computing experiences of PC users everywhere - and that PC owners know it, whether they admit it or not. Macs may require greater financial outlay initially, but the pros far outweigh this monetary issue and you'll save a substantial amount of cash in the long-run anyway.

Here are 9 reasons why you should swap out your cheap and sluggish PC for a Mac as soon as possible - and why, if you already have, you're a much happier person for it.

This article ends the debate once and for all, because the answer to which is better, PC or Mac, is simple: it's the Mac.

9. One Company Makes & Troubleshoots Everything

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While there are many models of Mac, there is only one company at the helm of their production: Apple. One of the big difficulties that PC users have is that when something goes wrong it is very easy for, for example, Microsoft to blame the hardware manufacturer (say, Dell or HP) or vice-versa.

There is no room for such excuses with Apple. It's their hardware, their software and ultimately their issue if something breaks down. And, to be honest, their customer service and technical assistance is pretty impressive (if, admittedly, somewhat expensive).

In other words, using a Mac limits the likelihood of you getting stuck in a never-ending cycle of contacting manufacturer after manufacturer to get the advice and support that you require.

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