9 Science Facts That Will Ruin Your Day

The science of human nature makes for some uncomfortable reading.

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Science has the ability to open our eyes to the wonders of the universe and the beauty of nature, but there's a downside.

You can't have light without shadow, and for every wonderful insight into the workings of the the world, we also get a large, healthy dose of reality. Spoiler: reality is always terrible.

Whether this is a moment of clarity on the state of the planet, or an uncomfortable glimpse into the human psyche, science doesn't worry about whether we're going to get upset by the results - it just sciences.

So, if you're feeling morose, let's take a look at a couple of uncomfortable truths.

9. Most People Can't Go 10 Minutes Without Lying

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No offence, but you're a liar.

Frankly, if you weren't, then there's a high chance that you have some kind of social disorder, because everybody lies. Just how much, though, might surprise you.

A study at the University of Massachusetts found that at least 60% of people told an average of two to three lies in a 10 minute conversation.

86% of people regularly lie to their parents, 75% to friends and 69% to spouses. 40% of people lie on their CV and an incredible 90% of people have told a lie on their online dating profile. Most shockingly of all, 30% of people lie about having seen The Godfather.

You've probably lied about something today, whether it's a classic book that you claim to have read, or the reason you were 10 minutes late to work, we all lie all the time.

If you say otherwise, you're a liar.

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