9 Things We Learned From CIA Agent Mike Baker On Joe Rogan's Podcast

The former CIA agent discusses some of the most frightening topics happening in the world today.

Joe Rogan/YouTube

If you're a regular Joe Rogan listener, then you'll have probably stumbled across an episode or two featuring Mike Baker. Baker first came onto the show a number of years ago to share his experiences as a former officer for the CIA and share his world view on a number of subjects that affect our daily lives.

He's come on the podcast a number of times since, often giving some interesting opinions on problems like data privacy, how the US handle espionage and a variety of other political matters. Baker returned to the Joe Rogan Experience recently and it certainly wasn't a let down. The two had a fantastic conversation that covered everything that fans would have hoped for.

From debunking the likelihood of World War Three happening and how the US are currently doing everything possible to put sanctions on Chinese tech company, Huawei, to discussing Prince Harry and Meghan Merkle and the privacy threat that is the social media platform, Tik Tok. They even get into a little Jeffrey Epstein talk for you conspiracy theorists out there.

Let's run down of what was said...

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