9 Unethical Psychological Experiments That Actually Happened

"Let's give this elephant a massive overdose of LSD. You know, for science."

The mad scientists of 20th century thrillers have got nothing on us. Bringing a corpse back from the dead? Lame. Aversion therapy? Child's play. The scariest stuff to occur in a lab doesn't come from horror movies or gothic novels. All you have to do is hand out a few doctorates and then throw funding at every single scientific proposal that your new Dr Jekyll can come up with. Unfortunately, that's pretty much what used to happen a few decades ago. We might live in a cotton wool society now but the code of ethics that researchers have to follow is only a relatively recent development. And seriously, some of the stuff that went on in the laboratories of the previous century turned out to be much more than kooky little experiments. People were traumatised, injured and, in some cases, killed. Still, it was all in the name of science, which obviously makes it totally okay.
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