A Song Of Ice And Fire: Every Book Ranked Worst To Best

7. A Feast For Crows


Every single book in the Song of Ice and Fire saga is a joy to read, however some are better than others, and by default one has to come in last place.

George R. R. Martin's poor forward planning is evident in A Feast For Crows more so than anywhere else in the series. The book was never actually supposed to exist, with A Dance With Dragons set to follow straight on from A Storm Of Swords. The author however, found this would not work, and inserted this book as the fourth in the series (fifth if you count both parts of A Storm Of Swords separately).

One of the drawbacks of this book is the fact that half of the main characters don't appear. With Feast running parallel, rather than chronologically, to A Dance With Dragons: Dreams and Dust, the POV chapters are split. This means we see nothing of Daenerys, Tyrion, or Bran, and only a glimpse of Jon in an early Samwell chapter.

While these characters are missed, it does open the door for different players, introducing among others, Brienne and Cersei as POV characters. The latter is certainly the MVP of this installment, as we get to see inside her head for the first time, dealing with Joffrey's death, her insecurities, and her battle to keep hold of Tommen as long as she can.


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